3 natural steps to flow

The title of this post is also the title of my new web-course; a 90-days transformational journey to gain back what is your birth right: Your Life purpose!
Uuuuhhh, that sounds a bit huffy-fluffy to you?!

I´m telling you it´s not. Not at all. The opposite, actually. But just because we rarely speak of emotional needs and even spiritual needs, it doesn´t mean it doesn´t exist. And it doesn´t mean it doesn´t affect every single bit of our official life-versions :-).

Today, more people than ever are suffering from alienation, inner stress, un-connectedness and confusion. We make up sustainability agendas (which is amazing, nothing wrong with that), but few focus on actual implementation. Now we know the WHAT, but still not the HOW. And that HOW will inevitable push us towards a more holistic practice: to wonder our inner-net along with surfing the internet.

Even Aristoteles mentioned five levels of reasoning:

  • Scientific
  • Practical
  • Artistic
  • Experience based
  • Intuitive

It means the ability to not only work with our heads, but to connect the head to the heart and the hand. To use not only our consciousness, but also our sub consciousness and our collective consciousness. Your abilities are so much greater that you can imagine! And the thing is that it is all needed in the transition towards a truly sustainable society that we are about to endeavor. We are about to face big changes that will require new mindsets and abilities from us and individuals, entrepreneurs and parts of society. The old ways doesn’t work any longer.

I come from a long line of wise women busting their asses to survive and feed their kids in a very limiting life scenario. I have been working in sustainability my whole life and in social bizniz the last two years. What I just cannot understand is how we can put so much focus on industrial waste and not also on human waste; waste of greatness, wisdom, deep experience and strength that is simply not valued today.

I am changing that. I am making it my personal life purpose to raise these amazing women up to their full capacity, to become wholehearted and to be part of a network of likeminded. Hearts beating strong and full of blood for their loved ones and for giving their unique and un-copiable offer to the world. The wholehearted ones.

My Tribe.

Love, josefin