The bliss of middle age crisis

Dear friends and co-creators of our common future,
please let me reintroduce myself. I am not very often seen in social media, others than in politically correct and quite anonymous posts.

But now I have the urge to share a little bit about me and the journey that I am on. Today I am celebrating that my 7,5 years of Saturn retrograde is finally over. What´s that? I am not really an astro-person myself, but this could be described as a mega karmic period, bringing up everything that isn´t dealt with, the dark night of the soul, the Big Test, middle age crisis or however you prefer to interpret it. And I tell you it’s been one hell of a ride…started with the economic regression in -09 where I lost my company and my lifelong dream and then took me through not less than 4 law cases towards people who cheated me in different ways, through several relationships that left me brokenhearted and professional investments that all went down the drain. I lost money, self-esteem, dreams, trust, faith, jobs and my heart.

But I took it all back and gained soooo much more! I gained compassion, patience, passion, balance, wisdom, friends, love, depth, peace, happiness, courage and My Self.

Wholehearted and awake,
I am here.

This blog is my gift to myself- a direct bridge to you, where I can share bits and pieces of me. Hopefully it will give you inspiration, motivation, food for thought, perhaps a good laugh of recognition or just a short moment together, in the eye of our info-overload reality.
I´ll keep you posted.


This is a beautiful description of the gift of middle age crisis by Tigermonk, give a few minutes and I promise you will have a smile on your face!