A life characterized by passion for what I do has brought through both high and low and laid a stable experience-based foundation to stand on. My knowledge is not primarily from the books, but through personal experience. It’s my biggest asset.

My name is Josefin Lassbo, and this course is my gift to you – my way of passing on what I practiced my entire career; to follow my dreams, even when it seems impossible or completely incomprehensible to all others. I know more than well how the itch inside feels when you do something else than what you are meant for; a huge suffering and struggle because we do not follow our path. All attempts to compensate and instead seek good luck in the outside world are judged to fail. Believe me, I know!

Course Extra Coaching

Do you want extra individual coaching after completion of the course to develop your business idea and implement it in your business? Do you want to work deeper to break through the points that still prevent you from reaching your goals? Based on Your Map from the Course Wholehearted Leading Woman- the art of connecting your calling to a passionate career, I help you to reach concrete and lasting results both in your business and in your private life.
We work over screen.

Single coach session: 60 min
Small coach package: 45 min x 5 times
Big coach package: 45 min x 10 times


As my Coaching client, I will provide you the most effective support, on monthly basis. We both commit to make sure you get what and where you want. If you are interested in coaching, please contact me, so we can set up a meeting to find out if we are a good match, what you want to get in your life and career, and what your optimal pace to get there looks like. You pay a monthly fee.

Firework Sessions

If you have an important strategic decision to make or want an overview to clearly see what options you have in a certain situation and want more than a normal coach-session, I can step in a more hands-on role as your temporary co-pilot, providing strategic feedback.

2 hours session


I take on a very limited number of clients for a deeper personal commitment like Mentor for 6-12 months. Then I personally hold your hand through the whole process of finding your life purpose and connect it to a passionate career, and the following implementation and business development of your particular business. I work only on this level with individuals I know I can make a big change and that can make a big difference in the world. It means a combination of how we fit together, what results you want and how ripe you are for change. We work together as long as you feel you need me and get the results you want. Usually it is about: 6 months, but it can range from 3 months to 1 year. If interested, contact me for an interview. The Mentor Program includes all the material in the package of Wholehearted Leading Woman Training program:

  • 10 Knowledge modules (including 15 movies, 23 worksheets and 29 tasks!)
  • Facebook Forum
  • 6 Group coaching opportunities via screen
  • 2 individual coach calls
  • 2 Physical workshops (in Gothenburg)
  • E-book “Management for Sustainable Development and Personal Leadership” by Josefin Lassbo.


  • Unique customized design, tailored to your needs.
  • Regular Personal Supervision by Josefin Lassbo.
  • 3 preparatory webinars.

Together we work with you at all levels; practical, emotional, spiritual and professional in order to create the results in your business and in your life you wish for. You also get access to my large network of contacts.

“Josefin is and has been a fierce mentor with great dedication in both me and the company. She is a warm person who quickly get connected to you and she has a good humor, we had a lot of fun. She makes business more colorful and has a keen sense of aesthetics and insights into how the business world works. For us, the mentoring time has meant a lot in terms of insights and advice on entrepreneurship, business and business plans, but perhaps even more importantly, it has been the network that Josefin actively shared. She’s a real asset!”/Filip Askviken, Metapic

Pro Bono

Free engagements

If the case is right and contributing to a better future for many, I am happy to give my time Pro Bono. For example, as ambassador for the film HOME and as jury member in the largest Innovation Competition in the Nordic countries: Venture Cup. I also take on Mentoring and Coaching, guiding young entrepreneurs and growth companies in business development and personal leadership.