“Having a long-term goal only means being impatient for a very long time” /FERD social enterprices

Dear Friends and Co-creators of our common future!

A little more than a year ago I had a minor knee surgery. As I remember it, the pain in the knee made its entrance as I turned 40 -Happy birthday, now your body is starting to degrade step by step until death…! I wasn´t able to jog any more. I couldn’t sit in lotus position while meditating any more. I couldn’t move freely. Didn´t like it. Anyhow, after a series of visits to different knee-specialists, I got an appointment for surgery. That was early last spring. Everything went well, but the knee felt weird and I realized I better take the rehab exercises seriously. So, I started to go to the gym and got myself a PT (Personal Trainer). My goal was to be strong, fully flexible and get back to running.

This spring I have taken baby-steps towards my goal and started to run outdoors. Well aware about my personal feature of being too impatient I never checked the distance and the time I was running. I just wanted to get out there and do it to see how the body coped. Slow running, listening to lungs, knees, calves…The first times I ran my old route it was heavy. But it got better. I was wondering how far I was running; 3-4 km? I decided to download a free running-app, just to know the distance.

The first time I used the app, it didn´t work (I forgot to press the START NOW button). The second time it showed that I ran 5.5 km on my normal route and 9.2 in the longer one. I was so surprised!! It was much longer that I had expected. And it made me reflect upon the possibility that we sometimes have come further than we know of, in many aspects of life. We are so used of identifying with a certain level and raised in a Swedish way, to be “lagom” (not too much nor too little, just in the middle, close to everyone else, not to stand out). But as we keep moving on, baby step by baby step in the right direction, suddenly we find ourselves outgrowing our old arenas or old habit routes.

The next day out jogging, I passed a couple of drunk old men sitting on a bench along my route. They started to applaud me as if I was a star-runner and screamed after me: “Good going, girl, now you just have the rest to go!”…such a wise thing to say, it can go for every part of my life.

So, I pay it forward to you: Good going, friends! Now, you just have the rest to go!

“Having a long-term goal only means being impatient for a very long time” /FERD social enterprices, Norge.