The Book

Stefan Holmberg,

Member of the board,
Mäster Eckhart Sällskapet

Try to have a day’s focus on yourself based on the seven points on page 44. The undersigned has done so and become amazed at the effect! Read the entire book and you will have a self-awareness to use in the future. The Foundation’s founder, elected professor in religion philosophy in Uppsala, Hans Hof, might have said something like this: “Simpler can not be said”, quoting Socrates from the Apollon Temple in Delphi: Gnoti seauton or “Know Thy Self”.

Management of sustainable development and personal leadership.

“Who are You? What is Your purpose? How can you create a meaningful life for yourself where you can stay creative, contribute and grow as a human being? How can you be and stay conscious, focus and make use of your talent each day to make a difference?

This book will allow you to examine your own answers to the most basic and essential questions in life and hence allow you to define and design your own way forward and towards your awakening and fulfilment. Achieve your definition of success. This book is written to reveal a way for you to find or rediscover and take back what belongs to you: Your purpose in life – on a personal and professional level. A way to harmonize these two and therefore achieve balance and purpose, a defined direction to gain happiness and value in your life.

Only then you can successfully contribute to our mutual future.

The development method The Reflective Circle will guide you in every step of the process towards a sustainable and functional product – the improved version of You.”

Carina Ahrle,

Designer and Public Speaker

Lovely! This is personal. Honest. That´s so important to me. The sincerity, nakedness, despair, joy. This book has an amazing ability to give feelings: positive and negative, questions, answers, wisdom.”

Hans Björkman,

Innovation Expert

“I read your book this morning and now I am totally inspired! A strange feeling appeared: I am co-creator as I read it! I believe that every single person who reads your book will read a unique book. You make it easy to reflect over one self. This book is so authentic in revealing both successes and defeats – it´s brave and liberating!”

Christina Glüsing Pedersen,

Project Leader

”This book is simply amazing and is not like anything I have ever read before! It touches people on the inside and starts a process within them”

Susanne Andreasson-Nilsson,


“I see before me this book as compulsory course literature at entrepreneur trainings. The target group is people with a vison or a business idea (or both!).”