Laila Karlsson,

Entrepreneur and Coach
Gothenburg, Sweden

“I’m so happy I’m almost crying of joy! I’ve now got the missing piece of the puzzle and feel whole. I realize now what strength I have. I’ve become clear to myself and others and have, for the first time in my life, a business idea that I do not doubt. The course is the difference between going on a highway and going on a small road.”

Gunilla Clancy

Professor in Sustainability and Entrepreneur
Gothenburg, Sweden

“I have begun to distribute more responsibility, which gives me more energy to my company and a better relationship with my family. It feels so great! I’ve already recommended the course to several people I know. Although every part is superb in itself the most amazing thing with the course that you got the whole thing together; that’s top notch! ”

Anna Broström,

Informationschef och Entreprenör,
Luleå, Sweden

“This course is an investment in your future and a great gift for yourself. For me, it has felt like a spa for the soul, and it has given effect not only to how I work in my company but also in all areas of life. My creativity is back in full force!”