”Who are You really? What is your purpose here? How can you create a meaningful life where you may contribute, be in your creative flow and expand both as and an individual and in the world? How can you make mindful use of your gifts and talents every day to make real change?”

This book let you take a deeper look at your answers to some of the most essential questions and gives you the chance to design your personal success, based on your personal definition of success. The book is written to show you a way to take back rightly belongs to you: Your Life Purpose – in your lifework as well as in your professional work. To create a greater coherence between the two gives you direction and meaning, a greater joy of life and more of that which is most valuable to you.

Then you can provide more value to our joint future in a more successful way.”

The text above is parts of the backside text from my first book that was launched five years ago. Now I am working on the second one. I want my books to inspire, guide and give hope to all those Good Girls of all ages who really want to do a good and honest piece of work to make the world a little better place, but who lost parts of themselves and their capacity to navigate and lead along the way.

The basic problem is the huge imbalance and illness we see as a receipt of a systematic change where the old models are dysfunctional and the new ones are not yet defined, a challenge that cost the society and businesses enormous amounts and not the least the human beings who get stuck with gigantic burdens of responsibility without any tools to navigate, prioritize, get empowered and get the impact to contribute to the development so many of us long for. That is GOLD!

This summer my childhood friend, Joel Hammad, got the assignment to translate my book into English. Honestly I did´t know exactly why at the time, it was just a strong gut feeling and sense of urgency. It has been a unique experience for me to read my own words and expressions colored by his objective eye and brilliant way of making music of the English language. I am severely impressed! He is truly GOLD.