Whats going on?

NOW! Now I’m looking for 3-4 companies that want to join the Wholehearted Company Training Pilot (Helhjärtad Ledare – för den nya tidens framgångsrika företag) for 6 months: September-18 through February-19. Contact me if you are interested


  • Book now!! July 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 & 9 = Book your Free Discovery call!
  • July 12-15 Get the Module “Hjärtats Längtan” for free!
  • July 19th, Workshop, Johanna Wallin, 10.30-12.30
  • July 19 Last day of Early Bird, Wholeheartedly Leading Woman course


  • August 10, last day for registration to Wholehearted Leading Woman course
  • August 23, Live podcast, Josefin Lassbo guest at The Lillionaire Show
  • Aug 24, Wholehearted Leading Woman course opens


  • September 15th, launching the Global Woman Book, Stockholm
  • 26-29 sept WIN Conference, Rome