Harvesting hidden gems in my history

Hidden gems from the past leading the way into the future. That is what I see when I look at that line of journals on top of my shelf. 27 of them, almost all of them black, covering the last 6 years of my life. I write every day and have hundreds of these books guarding the story as it was told by me at the very moment it happened. It is funny how we tend to re-write the story in one way or another and then that story of the story becomes our truth. I guess it is our desperate need to understand and see THE REASON why it happened the way it did that encourages us to “storify” our stories even before they are completely told.

That’s why I consider these journals not only my very best, most effective tool for development, spotting and connecting my dots, but also the guard of my truth.

Reading my story, as it was written and experienced firsthand, without after construction, storifying or censoring, is exciting, emotional, but most of all…surprising! I notice that I was less of a victim and much more reflected than I remember. Even in difficult times and taking hard decisions, I was always rooted in my heart and with eyes wide open. Not a victim at all! Reading it, I feel a new kind of self-respect and pride and it is so healing. I know now that I will read her, Josefin´s words, and then let go of the past, just carrying with me that self-love, trust and the learnings that I got along the way, and let it be the solid bridge to my future.

The gems of wisdom that I harvest will be handed on through my next book.

It may not sound like much; but honestly, I encourage all of you to start journaling regularly, if you don´t do it already. It is the best tool I know for getting to know the most interesting human being in the world: YOU, and connecting your dots.

Love, Josefin