About the WOW Program

Wholehearted Leading Woman

The art of connecting your calling to a passionate career

Wholehearted Leading Woman– the art of connecting your calling to a passionate career, is a training you can take alongside an employment, as an entrepreneur, as part of starting your own company or changing to something new, that is more in-lined with who you are today.

You will get access to a complete package that combines web based self-studies with physical workshops, group coaching and individual coaching on screen, as well as a Facebook Forum. You do the studying when and where is suits you and you have my support throughout the whole process.

This training is addressing you; a competent professional woman who, along the lines of time, have lost parts of yourself; your creativity, your feminine power and the passion for what you do. You often feel tired and shattered and find yourself stuck in old tracks, unavailable to lead yourself and others.

I guide you step by step back to your natural flow of clarity, passion and purposefulness through discovering your unique gift to the world, writing the complete map to your life purpose and knowledge of how to integrate it in your steps ahead.

Finding your inner YES

Passion v/s Job

About You

  • You have a job or a venture that is ok, but no longer feels optimal for the woman you have become.
  • You want to re-connect to Your Path, weather that means starting a new with a resting business, start a new company or adjust in the one you have.
  • You have an inner feeling of not being on the right path and that there is something new calling you, but you are not sure if you dare to take the step into this new chapter of your life.
  • You have a growing sensation that it is high time to make the jump, but you worry that it´s too late…(which it isn´t at all!)
  • You are ready to give your gift to the world.

What you get

  • The full map to your Life Purpose
  • Your un-copyable offer to the world
  • More time for what you really want to do
  • The ability to prioritize right
  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Greater self esteem
  • Inner peace
  • Creative Flow
  • More energy
  • A personal toolbox to use for the rest of your life
  • A network of likeminded whomen
  • A lifelong membership in the Wholehearted Woman Circle of Abundance

The web-course is certified by the CiM-method, by an e-pedagogue expert.

The course includes

  • Ten knowledge modules (including 15 films, 23 worksheets and 29 tasks!)
  • Two physical full day workshops (in Gothenburg)
  • Two individual coach calls
  • Six group coaching events via screen
  • Facebook Forum
  • The e-book “Management for Sustainable Development and Personal Leadership” by Josefin Lassbo.

Laila Karlsson,

Entrepreneur and Coach
Gothenburg, Sweden

“I’m so happy I’m almost crying of joy! I’ve now got the missing piece of the puzzle and feel whole. I realize now what strength I have. I’ve become clear to myself and others and have, for the first time in my life, a business idea that I do not doubt. The course is the difference between going on a highway and going on a small road.”

Gunilla Clancy

Professor in Sustainability and Entrepreneur
Gothenburg, Sweden

“I have begun to distribute more responsibility, which gives me more energy to my company and a better relationship with my family. It feels so great! I’ve already recommended the course to several people I know. Although every part is superb in itself the most amazing thing with the course that you got the whole thing together; that’s top notch! ”

Anna Broström,

Informationschef och Entreprenör,
Luleå, Sweden

“This course is an investment in your future and a great gift for yourself. For me, it has felt like a spa for the soul, and it has given effect not only to how I work in my company but also in all areas of life. My creativity is back in full force!”

Ingrid Kutschbach

Chery-Lynn Sjögren

Annelie Andersson