About Josefin


My backbone

When I graduated from Denmark’s Design School in Copenhagen in 2000, I had a clear vision: To make clothes that are attractive both on the outside and inside, that is, long lasting quality fashion made in organic materials. But what was obvious to me turned out to take a long time to reach the commercial market, which in turn demanded even greater innovation power. In 2009, I was awarded for this work, by the award of the Business Rookie of the Year, awarded by BRG and Entrepreneurs Västra Götaland, with the motivation: “Reflective Circle International with Josefin Lassbo has, with great creativity and power, broken new ground by combining fashion and design with ecological focus. ”


Launching new concept in The Big Apple

This podcast was produced during the launch of my first clothing collection under the brand SAAB-Reflective, in N.Y. It was a big success! I Remember that, during the time we were there, I heard of a bank that had gone bankrupt; Lehman Brothers … 3 months later, GM – one of the world’s largest companies – went bankrupt and that ended the adventure.

Öijared Akademi

B.E.B.A. – Blue Economy Business modeling Academy

This film shows an education I produced and conducted March-16, during my time as Operations Manager for the Foundation Öijared Academy. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve done – and one of the most awarding! Gunter Pauli, founder of The Blue Economy, was teaching in the company of a set of skilled teachers and wonderful cross-union pioneer group of Blue Economy students. See: www.theblueeconomy.org

Innovation Design

Jute fiber in Bangladesh

In 2012, I went to Bangladesh for the first time to carry out a review of jute fiber as potential sustainable fiber for the clothing industry, for the Textile University of Borås. The result showed that there were also great opportunities in the automotive industry and the construction industry! Watch the film, including Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mohammad Yunus talking about the importance of jute.

Stoff Design


Stoff Design is a social company that I founded. The idea was based on a dual value-generating model, where fair trade crafts from Bangladesh were combined with Nordic design and social business locally. London-based fashion photographer Hedvig Larsson and I took groundbreaking images that were certified by Italian Vogue.